How to stop Outlook from crashing

We had a recent ticket where a user of Outlook 2010 suddenly had an issue where whenever they opened Outlook, […]

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Teach Yourself Code [Infographic]

Learning how to code is a long and difficult process, but if it’s something you are genuinely passionate about, you’ll […]

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Malware – hiding in plain sight

Cryptolocker (and its variants) How you can you protect yourself from this malicious software? It probably won’t surprise you to […]

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TrueCaller – An app with a ring to it!

A concept with a real ring to it. Both applications are availible from the relevant sources below: Apple iPhone – […]

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Summer Wolf Run 2015

The 13th June has come and gone, and with it the completion of the 2nd of Lime’s mud runs for […]

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Social Engineering – What is it?

Social Engineering – What is it? A few day ago my wife said to me that we’d had ANOTHER one […]

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10 Phone Designs You Won’t Believe Ever Sold

Remember the Nokia 3310? Practically indestructible, 3 charges a year, comes complete with Snake and 10 saved messages? Nothing shook the […]

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Lime IT Sponsors Project C.A.R.S

After the launch of Project C.A.R.S we’re proud to announce our involvement in the game in the form of sponsoring […]

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Infographic: Superhero Supertech

In this infographic we look at the super (and not-so-super) tech setups of some of our favourite superheroes.

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Smart Watches – A made up market?

An announcement for pre-order beginning 10th April, closely followed with the announcement of the Kickstarter project for the Pebble Time […]

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