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Why Lime IT?

So what seperates us from everyone else?  Well probably, we could say what every other company says and trot out  a host of clichéd words like “innovative”, “unique” etc etc.

The truth is we love to help you get the most out of any technology you decide to invest in. Whether that’s a new server or network, new software helping you run your business more efficiently or web sites that not only show off your business at its best but that also helps you grow we’ll put every ounce of effort into it.

Situated in Lutterworth, South Leicestershire we are business that strives to offer great IT support so take a look around and get in touch to discuss what we can do for you…

Monitoring your systems

Making sure your systems are working for you is integral to our support packages.  Our systems monitor servers and workstations and report back to us their health and status

Get the most from your IT

Our Business Support Packages are designed to help you get the best from your IT and make sure it supports YOU!